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(English translation of 'Cancionilla' by León de Greiff)

It rains outside the windows - a Verlaine-esque
type of rain, not in my heart:
my heart ran away one day
chasing another song.

It rains outside the windows - a melancholic
rain which could be called poetic
but actually is prosaic, or even symbolic...
It rains and then stops... rain is moody like that.

I never knew how to watch the rain
outside the windows... lost in thought;
more often than not it fell on my hair,
blonde, when it was there... lost in loss.

It rains outside the windows. I smoke. I write.
The windows insulate me from the city's
comings and goings... and I'm a randy old
bird stuck in a cage, forever frustrated.

It rains outside the windows - a Verlaine-esque
Type of rain; not in my heart;
My heart ran away - it did a flit like a flirt
Running after a silly ditty of a song
Without rhyme or rhythm,
Without rhyme or reason.

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