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Little bird

Little bird
You chase your love
All the time
From beech tree to pine;
Spreading the good word
You strengthen
My lament with your song.

My Sun is too proud,
Too haughty,
To my great sorrow
Beloved Chloris, beautiful Chloris,
Hates me, is ungrateful,
Cruel, and deaf to my pleading.

Let her not be cruel
Anymore, I would die
If she were;
Hush, hush, now
She offers kisses
To my lips, my dawn.

Fly on little bird
And don't shy away
From making
A new song;
From your amorous breast
Show in full
Your joy, and my delight.

English translation by Paul Archer of the text of Augellin by Stefano Landi (1587-1639). See the copyright notice below.


Che'l tuo amor
Segui ogn'hor
Dal faggio al pin;
E spiegando i bei concenti
Vai temprando
Col tuo canto i miei lamenti.

Il mio Sol troppo fier,
Troppo altier,
Del mio gran duol
Clori amata, Clori bella,
M'odia ingrata
A' miei prieghi empia e rubella.

Non sia più
Cruda no, morirò
S'ella è qual fù;
Taci, taci, che già pia
Porge i baci,
Al mio labro l'alba mia.

Segui augel
Né sdegnar
Di formar
Canto novel;
Fuor del seno amorosetto
Mostra à pieno
La tua gioia, il mio diletto.

Copyright notice. The translation is provided as an aid to musicians and audiences. Publication of the translation in print or digital formats is expressly forbidden unless permission from the author has been first obtained and acknowledgement of authorship is duly made. Permission will usually be granted so please contact Paul Archer with details of how you wish to make use of the translation.

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