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They weep at my weeping

The wild beasts weep at my weeping
And the stones heave sighs at my fervent sighing;
The air around us clouds over,
Moved to pity by my suffering.
Wherever I go, wherever I turn my steps,
I’m the cause of weeping and sighing.
Moved by my sorrow, each seems to say:
Poor fellow, why are you here, so sad and alone?

English translation by Paul Archer of the text of Piangono al pianger mio
by Sigismondo d'India (1582-1629).

Piangono al pianger mio

Piangono al pianger mio le fere, e i sassi
A miei caldi sospir traggon sospiri.
L'aer' d'intorno nubiloso fassi,
Mosso anch' egli à pietà de miei martiri.
Ovunque io volgo, ovunque giro i passi
Par che di me si pianga, e si sospiri;
Par che dica ciascun, mosso al mio duolo,
Che fai tu qui, meschin, doglioso e solo?

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