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Beautiful crimson roses

Beautiful crimson roses
not opening at dawn
among thorns;
But, as priests of love,
you keep safe
the treasure of pretty teeth.

Speak to me, precious roses,
my sweethearts;
tell me why, when I stare
at you with a look of passion,
you suddenly
melt into a beautiful smile?

Beautiful roses, or wounds,
O for pity
of which now gives me cause
to sing your praise
in new ways;
yet this only makes you laugh.

It's true, when it's carefree
the world laughs,
the sky laughs when it’s joyful;
that’s all true; but they don't know
as well as you
how to laugh so charmingly.

English translation by Paul Archer of the text of Belle rose porporine by Giulio Caccini (1551-1618). Text by Gabriello Chiabrera (1552-1638). See the copyright notice below.

Belle rose porporine

Belle rose porporine
Che tra spine
Sull'aurora non aprite;
Ma, ministri degl'amori,
Bei tesori
Di bei denti custodite.

Dite, rose preziose,
Dit'ond'è, che s'io m'affiso
Nel bel guardo acceso ardente
Voi repente
Disciogliete un bel sorriso? 

Belle rose, ò feritate,
O pietate
Del si far la cagion sia
Io vo dir in nuovi modi
Vostri lodi;
Ma ridete tuttavia.

Ben è ver, quand'è giocondo
Rid'il mondo,
Rid'il ciel quand'è gioioso;
Ben è ver; ma non san poi
Come voi
Far un riso grazioso.


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