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I take my leave now and in parting tell you, my love,
how unfairly you break my heart
though I am faithful to you,
good night, my cruel mistress.

I take my leave now and in parting go step by step,
I entrust my heart to you as a sad token of love
with my few words,
good night, my sun.

I take my leave now and in parting go softly, softly,
I kiss your foot and one hand and the other,
my soul bows down to you,
good night, my queen.

I take my leave now and how hard it is to leave like this,
with soft eyes I look for your leniency,
forever pleading to you,
good night, love of my life.

I take my leave now and my soul cries out to you
and I entrust to you my aching heart
and say a final adieu,
good night, my love.

English translation by Paul Archer of the text of Partenza
by Giovanni Stefani (active 1618-1626).


Mi parto e nel partir ti dico amore
ch'ingiustamente tu mi dai dolore
essendot' io fedele,
bona notte crudele.

Mi parto, e nel partir vuo passo, passo
ti raccomando il cor ch'in pegno lasso,
ben mio poche parole,
bona notte, mio sole.

Mi parto, e nel partire vò piano, piano
ti bacio il piede, e l'una el’altra mano,
quest'alma a te s'inchina,
bona notte, Regina.

Mi parto e quanto dura, esta partenza,
con gl'occhi molli ti cerco licenza,
gridando sempre aita,
bona notte, mia vita.

Mi parto, e lo mio spirto va gridando,
e questo afflitto cor ti raccomando,
e nell' ultimo á Dio,
bona notte cor mio.

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