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The Marvel of Love

Far from my beautiful Sun, deprived of light,
in these woods I live –
if one who has no heart can say that he lives.
That’s the marvel of love.

Bereft of soul I breathe in despondent tones
my harsh laments,
and bereft of spirit I burn with unrelenting ardour.
That’s the marvel of love.

How can it be that one feels so much pain
if one no longer has a heart
and one’s spirit, and soul, and life have gone?
That’s the marvel of love.

English translation by Paul Archer of the text of Meraviglia d’Amore by an Biagio Marini (1594-1633) from Scherzi e canzone (1622).

Meraviglia d’Amore

Lungi del mio bel Sol, di luce privo,
in queste selve vivo-
se vivo si può dir chi non ha core.
Meraviglia d’Amore.

Senz’alma spiro in dolorosi accenti
i miei crudi lamenti,
e senza spirito avvampo in grave ardore.
Meraviglia d’Amore.

Com’esser può, che provi tante pene
colui che’l cor non tiene
e sia spirto, d’alma, e vita fore?
Meraviglia d’Amore.

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