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The good news

I have brought you good news,
O my handsome love!
Tell me, what news do you bring
That you come at this hour!
The news I’ve brought
May hopefully please you:
I am here to ask you,
Dark and handsome one,
If you wish to marry me.
Or have me marry someone-else…
May fortune smile on me,
To you, dark and handsome one,
To you I shall give this ring.

English translation by Paul Archer of the text of La bella noeva
by an anonymous Italian composer from the Renaissance period.

La bella noeva

La bella noeva che t'ho purtà
O bel faccin d’amore,
Dimmi che noeva m'hai purtà
Che sei venut’a quest'ora!
E mi la noeva che t'ho purtà,
E mi non so se vi piacerà:
Son qui a domandarvi
A voi bello morettin,
Se volete maritarmi.
O maritarmi non so con chi...
Fortuna si è quella,
A voi bello morettin,
A voi vi donerò l’anello.

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