Paul Archer - photo Paul Archer - poet, translator



A Web Poem

is thousands of pixels
but you're not seeing them.
You're seeing the words and
lines that form the poem.

In the same way, the world's
made of mathematics,
numbers and equations.
What each equation predicts

can be endlessly tested
in complex experiments,
and there's evidence
that numbers make sense

of the world as if minds
far more advanced than
ours had created a world
in a computer program.

So are we a part of this
program - or one might say
poem - created by people
in our future? One day,

in answer to this question,
a finger could press a key
and delete this poem,
along with its creator, me,

and, if getting close to
the world's hidden secret
is forbidden, you also,
by reading this, won't be let

off from being erased
out of the future's history.
Of course I could be wrong -
let's see...

© Paul Archer - All Rights Reserved