Paul Archer - photo Paul Archer - poet, translator



So You Want To Write

Let's start big, let's see...
now imagine you're the universe...
how would a nebula explosion feel to you?

Go on - you can go there!
But someone's been there before you.

There's nothing new for you to say.
Sorry about that. But if you still want to write
it'll feel like: setting off for a remote place
by the sea, or halfway up a mountain,
where all the people go to get away from each other.

So consider the wisdom of such anti-social behaviour
before starting out on the writer's life
and if you carry on regardless
keep your outpourings out of sight,
leave them in a desk drawer
or folder in a remote corner of your computer,

and never get them out to show anyone
or read them aloud to an audience,
spare us from your monotonous drone
or ghastly sing-song, up-down voice.

Have I put you off? That's right,
I want to put you off -
I can't stand competition.

© Paul Archer - All Rights Reserved