Paul Archer - photo Paul Archer - poet, translator



So You Want To Write

Let's start big - imagine you're the universe.
- Now, what would a nebula explosion feel like?

Go on - you can go there!
But someone's been there before you.

There's life in the earth the closer
you look - it comes writhing to the surface.
So get writing! On the other hand

don't bother. There's nothing new
for you to say. Sorry about that.

But if you still want to write
it'll feel like:

setting off for a remote place
by the sea, or half-way up a mountain,
where all the people go to get away from each other.

Which was nicely put, wasn't it?
That's the problem - it's kind of 'poetic'. Kind of.

Have I put you off? That's right I want to put you off -
I can't stand the competition. Oh

and one more thing: if you do write
(and only do it if you really must
you don't know what might come out)

please don't read aloud in that monotonous drone
or in that sing-song, up-down voice
poets use to read in public,

Spare me that. Thank you for listening, I'm off now
- I feel a poem crunching up the drive, headlights glaring.

© Paul Archer - All Rights Reserved