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Lemons On The Lemon Trees

Lemons like lanterns in the trees,
tired green leaves, darkening sky.

Not the lemons money can buy:
not icy yellow, smooth and pristine;
these are swollen-bellied, knobby,
blotched cream, ochre, green,
pores like magnified human skin.

Battle-hard veterans, rough outlaws;
wild beasts that can't be corralled;
survivors of frenzied African winds
belting through, buckling their stems,
blasting their skin with Saharan sand.

This evening as the coolness descends
they glow like lanterns in the trees.


This poem is part of the "Natural Causes" collection of poems with illustrations by Geoff MacEwan.

For more information, go to Poems and Etchings - Natural Causes.

Lemons On The Lemon Tree etching

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