Paul Archer - photo Paul Archer - poet, translator



Keep Off The Grass

On your right is the picture gallery
with displays of countryside scenes
to refresh the eye with long forgotten vistas:
Arabian deserts, English pastures, Asian rice-fields,
Alpine meadows, American prairies stretching to the horizon.

Coming out and turning left
you will come to an exhibition of woods,
rare specimens of richly grained oak, sandalwood and pine
from trees that once flourished here
preserved for your grandchildren's children!

Also you should not leave without viewing
our floral show - every flower has been carefully replicated
from archive drawings with the most stunning accuracy.
Visit the museum shop to purchase flowers to take home,
each with its own individual scent!

Finally no visitor should miss the pride of our collection:
A patch of real, yes real, green grass growing
under a glass bell in perfect atmospheric conditions
with miniature clouds producing rain at timed intervals.
Chairs are provided for contemplation.

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