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It Would Be Real If I Cried

When the boots slammed into his head
my father had nowhere to hide.
The thugs left him dying or dead,
it would be real if I cried.

He'd gone out into the dark streets
to see about the racket outside.
They set about him with boots and fists,
it would be real if I cried.

The gang was high on booze and drugs
and the terrible way my father died
was just one night's fun for these thugs,
it would be real if I cried.

He's not coming back through our door
and I'll never stop asking why.
I can't hold back the tears any more.
It's all too real as I cry, and cry.


This poem is dedicated to Zoe Newlove whose father, Garry Newlove, was murdered on August 10th, 2007.

The gang had carried out many similar attacks previously. The leader had been released on bail only hours before the murder. The gang was aged between 16 and 18, but their names will not be recorded here as names are for human beings.

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