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Dynamo Memory

My bike's lamp peers ahead
a few yards. Knees pump
under a plastic rain cape.
Tyres swish over tarmac.
Flicking the Sturmey-Archer
lever to the lowest gear,
standing to push the pedals,
zig-zagging the front wheel
up Imberhorne Lane.

I alone can have this memory
not some other boy, his sodden
school cap cutting into his brow,
coasting now as the star-constellation
of East Grinstead rises above the fields.
The recollection comes and goes
like the power from the bike's dynamo.
If I pause, the light glimmers down.
The harder I push, the more the lamp shines.


This poem is part of the "Natural Causes" collection of poems with illustrations by Geoff MacEwan.

For more information, go to Poems and Etchings - Natural Causes.

Dynamo Memory etching

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