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Dynamo Memory

My bike's lamp peers ahead
A few yards. Knees pump
Under a plastic raincape.
Tyres swish over tarmac.
Flicking the Sturmey-Archer
Lever to the lowest gear,
Standing to push the pedals,
Zig-zagging the front wheel
Up Imberhorne Lane.

I alone can have this memory
Not some other boy, his sodden
School cap cutting into his brow,
Coasting now as the star-constellation
Of East Grinstead rises above the fields.
The recollection comes and goes
Like the power from the bike's dynamo.
If I pause, the light glimmers down.
The harder I push, the more the lamp shines.


This poem can be purchased as a limited edition print with the accompanying etching by Geoff MacEwan (see below). The print is part of the Natural Causes series of poems and illustrations.

For more information, go to Poems and Etchings - Natural Causes.

Dynamo Memory etching

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