Paul Archer - photo Paul Archer - poet, translator



Your loving hands

You’ve fallen in love with me, yes it’s true,
And there’s nothing you can say,
Because I know that with you
One word would take the magic away,
Just hold me in your loving hands.

This is not like any love, like nothing before,
I don’t want to hear ‘I love you’,
‘Cos words are easy to ignore
And never say anything new...

So, sorry, I’m not just anyone, you see,
Please accept me as I am,
And then, oh so freely,
I give myself into your loving hands.

We know that love changes, just like the weather,
So I won’t make any promises now,
Don’t expect me to say ‘forever’,
Anyway I wouldn’t know how;
Just hold me in your loving hands.

Since we met I’ve been in such a spell.
You don’t know how frightened I feel,
At last it’s the big one I can tell,
This is the one that’s gonna be for real...

(Rpt. Chorus)

© Paul Archer - All Rights Reserved