Paul Archer - photo Paul Archer - poet, translator



God knows how I loved you

The sun comes to my waking eyes
As your shining smile used to do,
It takes me a moment to realize
There’s nothing where there once was you.

The scent of flowers comes on the breeze,
The fragrant scent you used to wear.
I pray to god: Let it be her, please...”
But I look and you’re not there.

You’ve gone on a voyage far away,
Circumnavigating through the endless time.
Left your body in the grave
And your heart inside of mine.
God knows how I loved you,
God knows how I loved you,
Though I never deserved you,
Our love comes through, our love comes through.

Sometimes I feel so down and low
And the darkness seems so cold and black,
Ah, that’s when the tears begin to flow
As the memories come flooding back.

(Rpt Chorus)

© Paul Archer - All Rights Reserved