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Can we still be friends?

This is the letter I’m gonna write:
Dear darling... that doesn’t sound right;
Now love is over and we are through,
I’d better start straight – how are you?

Me, I’m doing fine. Oh, yes, I’m fine,
It’s only a week, but it seems a long time;
I’m trying to live my life day by day,
Because you said that’s the best way.

Got a new hairstyle to make me feel new,
You wouldn’t recognise the girl you once knew.
But it’s not easy, even little things
Remind me of you, like when the phone rings;

And the radio... when I turn it on,
It’s playing some goddam love song;
And our friends don’t know that we’re through.
They ask me how... and where are you?

But if it’s the same for you, as it is for me,
Does this have to be the end?
Oh, does this have to be the end?
Tell me, tell me,
Can we still be friends?

I’m sorry this letter must be painful to read,
Right now it’s probably the last thing you need,
I know we agreed that we are through,
So there’s nothing more that I can do.

I guess that we just drifted apart,
In every place – except my heart.
Maybe you think I’m being a fool;
I’m not like you, oh I can’t be cool.

Rpt. Chorus

This is the letter, which I’d better... not send.



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