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Dynamo Memory

Driven by the power of memory that shapes and gives meaning to the present, the poems in this collection throw a sharply-focused light on a life spent in Japan and Spain and early years in England. Evoking scenes from the past through telling details, they are packed full of unexpected connections, thoughtful reflections and surprising revelations. Eloquently written in a lively and engaging style, they are by turns inspiring and celebratory, poignant and insightful.
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ISBN 9781789010244

Dynamo Memory: book of poems by Paul Archer

"I was hooked on Dynamo Memory, captivated by its eloquence, moved by its poignancy and couldn't put it down till I'd read it from cover to cover. Dynamo Memory is a beautiful snapshot of this poet's skill to distlll experience and evoke emotions in a few lines."
Gill Kaye, Ingénu/e magazine

From Amazon readers' reviews:

"I usually feel a little intimidated by poetry and often find it inaccessible and a bit 'worthy', but the poems in this little volume are accessible without being in any way cliched. Images and emotions are beautifully captured with a clever simplicity, and though they are clearly born of very personal experiences and memories, they somehow resonate and leave one reliving similar experiences of ones own - a pleasure to read and re-read."

"I've been dipping in and out and enjoying these poems very much. The dynamic illumination of his memories lights up some dusty corners of my own store of recollections too! Several unexpected connections ... 'Snap' is a particular favourite. I also love the overarching dynamo metaphor. A beautifully structured and well produced volume."

"This is a delightful book. For me, it has a subtle magic, revealing a world which watches the poet as much as he observes it. The volume opens on a nature-theme with ‘Lemons on the Lemon Trees’, an ode to the fruit which grows abundantly in Majorca, the inspiration for some of Archer’s verse. The key is the interconnectedness of all things. The lemon might grow on one tree, rooted in one place, but it feeds on the hot blast of air from north Africa. Boundaries dissolve and the natural world is no respecter of political or religious barriers. In Archer’s poems the poet is embedded in a natural world which is equal in all respects to the human. Birds, like the robin (‘Gardener’s Friend’) or blackbird (‘Encounter with a Blackbird’) go about their business in their own universe, completely unconcerned with what we do, placing our petty concerns in a new perspective. In a set of verses influenced by Paul’s experience of Japan, flowers speak (‘Rose Garden’), as does flowing water (‘Namari Spa’). Even books can come alive, cascading on to his head, taking a kind of revenge for the poet’s hubris (‘Stunned by Shakespeare’)."

"This is an appealing and engaging collection of poems, at first sight documenting moments from the poet’s time in the Mediterranean, Japan and his home country, England. Although these are his memories, any one of a certain age will identify with some of his childhood recollections of holidays involving chilly English beaches and crazy golf, and vignettes from school life. For those of us not familiar with other shores, Archer paints a compelling series of scenes from further afield. But alongside these, there is a deeper and darker side to some of the poems, as Archer turns his attention to the cycle of birth and death.
The fascination of this collection is in how the memories fuse as the wheel of time turns, and it is impossible not to reflect on one’s own recollections and how these from time to time rise to the surface of our conscious mind, and with a little encouragement grow clearer.
This is an accomplished collection which bears several readings to reveal the layers of meaning in the poems. Highly recommended."

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