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In your hippocampus is your short term memory, in the
Amygdale is your sense of smell and the expression of
Emotions, fight or flight, rage or fear, your lepta is for

Pleasure and reward, the centre of addictive behaviour, the
Hypothalmus regulates the production of hormones and
Visceral changes such as increased blood pressure and

Breathing when frightened. The hypothalmus directs
Your endocrine system that releases chemicals called hormones.
Your spinal cord transmits millions of nerve impulses

Reaching speeds exceeding 440 kilometres per hour.
The left hemisphere of your brain is for verbal expression
And analytical thought and logic, the right hemisphere

Is for the non verbal, the intuitive thought, the artistic expression.
Your brain weighs approximately 1.2 kilograms. There are about
96,000 kilometres of blood vessels in your body. The thump

Thump of your heart is caused by the closing of your aorta valves
Followed by the closing of your ventricle valves. Every drop
Of your blood passes through your heart once every minute.

Your red blood cells carry oxygen to the parts of your body
That need it most at any moment. Having released their oxygen
The red blood cells take on carbon dioxide, changing their colour

To purple as they return to the heart via the veins.
Your respiratory system provides oxygen with each breath,
Your blood absorbs the oxygen from the inhaled air

And releases carbon dioxide which is then exhaled. Digestion
Occurs in the duodenum, breaking down your food into the nutrients
Your body needs: carbohydrates, fats, amino acids and glucose.

Your large intestine absorbs water and undigested food, bacteria
Act on it to produce vitamins, The digestive tract is a fibro-muscular tube.
When you were in the womb, you spent 30 minutes as a single cell,

Now you have more than 75 trillion cells. Your skin's outer layer,
Protects you from moisture, dehydration, radiation and millions
Of microbes. Your inner layer of skin, the dermis, has nerve

Receptors, blood vessels, follicles of hair and oil and sweat glands.
Every month your skin cells are replaced by new cells,
Every three months your bone cells are replaced. The distance

To the far side of the earth is 26,000 miles, to the sun 93
Million miles, to the edge of the universe, 46 billion light years. Given
All these complications it seems a miracle that you might be here

And not there, and not in another form - so let me simply love you.

Note: I am indebted to "Bodies - The Exhibition" for much of the details above.

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